Hi there I look at your blog very often for tips. I have had my dreads for about a year and a half. However I am getting really nervous. I havent been able to tighten my roots for about 7 months now and I have a halo of loose hairs around my face. Besides that making me feel self conscious to begin with, I feel like I am starting to get a slight bald spot up front. Do you have any helpful tips? I need anything I can get.


There’s not a whole bunch one can do about frizz on the top of the head. Maintaining your locks will help reduce frizz, but it won’t completely eliminate it. Here is a post by JR about that.

However, if you have a special event, you and drastically clean up your hair by twisting with aloe, pinning the twisted roots back, and letting it dry that way. The aloe will help set the hair in place. If you sleep with your head covered at night, this tidiness should last for about a week (or until your first wash), so it might be something you like.

As for your hair thinning, if you tike multivitamins and watch your diet, there’s not much else that could be done. We are not professionals though, so if it is a concern of yours, a licensed dermatologist should be able to offer the best suggestions for you.

– KJ


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