Hi! I just looked through your site for the 1st time. After reading the explanation on the difference between Dreads, Locs, and Locks (“I prefer to play it safe in my word choices; I personally use the word “locks” in reference to all non-black people writing into the blog, and I do not use the words “dreads” or “dreadlocks.” It is a personal conviction of respect I have for our global community, since we do have Rasta followers.”), I wondered why the website’s name is “Dread”lock INFO? Thanks!

I did look in the Tags section and I read the Admins’ pages, thinking maybe one was a Rastafarian and that would justify the use of “Dreadlock”. I am not trying to infer anything negative, this was just an honest question that popped in my mind after reading that post. I look forward to looking through your site more. The diversity and beauty of the pics on the home page captured my attention.


I wrote the article you are referencing, and I’m happy you like the site!  ”DreadlockINFO” is the name of the page, which was made by our founder. I do not control the name of the page, nor am I—or any of the admins, for that matter—a subscriber to the Rastafari faith or ideology.

However, I think it is just to use our current name, because we do educate about dreadlocks, just as we educate about locs and locks. There is no exclusivity in the breadth of our discussion topics.

“Dreadlocks” is a familiar name that many people may instantly recognize, but even some of the quickest browses around the page will reveal that we try not to abuse terminology. Many people don’t know that “dreadlocks” is a word exclusive and unique to the Rastafari Movement, and we are happy to share that little-known information with people. We also have photos, writing and a video resource that discusses Rastafari hair care and hair culture.

While my choice not to use the word “dreadlocks” for non-Rastafari hair is backed by strong conviction, I also do not control the wills of my peers. While I also strongly encourage our readers and my co-administrators to reconsider their positions and avoid using the word for those which it does not apply, the best thing I can do is educate in a balanced, friendly manner and lead by example. There is enough uncivil conflict in the locking community over terminology and participation rights, and I refuse to be complicit in it.

I am touched to know, however, that some have seen my viewpoint and reconsidered their ways on their own and without coercion. Honest action is of right mind and will; forced action says nothing of mind or will.

We are in the process of redesigning the site; I have spent countless hours designing a new FAQ with neutral terminology—which is yet to be launched, but it’s coming! Our current Glossary also is neutral as well. In the future, we hope to have a tidied collection of fact-based, cited articles that also feature neutral terminology.

This site has been in a continual state of transition toward the better, the kinder, and multicultural. We are proud to state our goals, but there are also some areas where there is still work to be done—and we acknowledge that too!

Thank you so much for writing in and offering us your questions and kind words.

– KJ


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