Would you consider getting human hair extensions for my dreadlocks on ebay? Just because they are fairly cheap?

Hello there. 

When buying extensions from ebay and from discount websites in particular, you’re kind of opening yourself up to a mixed bag of results. You may get the extensions in perfect quality and on time, or you may get horrible quality extensions after two months of waiting. 

I have gotten good hair from discount websites, but the customer service was very poor due to language barriers and the shipping took ages. 

I personally recommend hisandher.com. You can buy silky straight hair from their discount section for about half the price you’d pay for other hair. They’re US based and have great customer service, and even have a physical store in Los Angeles. They’re reliable!! 
Unfortunately I see that they have recently redesigned their website, making my former navigation tricks more difficult- Here’s a link to their current silky straight wefted hair that is on sale: link

You’ll need about 6 feet wide of weft to make a full head of dread extensions from human hair, so if you’re unsure about the amount you will be receiving based on the length, you can call them and ask how wide the weft will be for that particular product. 

You can also buy wefted human hair from ikickshins.net and most wefts can be purchased by the foot (meaning how wide the weft will be, not how long the hair itself will be) so you have a better idea of what you’ll receive. Here’s a link to their wefted hair page: http://www.ikickshins.net/wefts.php

I have purchased items from both websites listed and can vouch that they’re pretty great! 

Another option if you’d like to go cheap is to buy synthetic hair. You can’t color it, but it looks just as natural as human hair (if you buy it non-shiny) and can be worn as dreadlock extensions for just as long. 

I hope this is helpful to you!


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