How long should I wait to wrap my dreads and decorate them with beads and what not?

You don’t have to wait at all. But when your locks are immature, don’t leave the decorations in for long periods of time. Failing to regularly remove decorations with immature locks can create weak spots and permanent loops, and will also stall the maturation of the lock under each decoration.

If your locks are immature, remove beads before each wash—or if you wash your hair multiple times a week, be sure to remove them at least once a week. (Feel free to add them back when your hair dries.) Keep wraps on for no more than two weeks. We also recommend using solid wraps only while your locks are immature (as opposed to X-pattern wraps). This is because x-wraps tend to create permanent disruptions in the shafts of young locks.

When you put your beads back in, try not to put them in the same exact spots as before. When you take a wrap out, you can put another one in—just make sure it’s on a lock that was previously unwrapped.

– KJ


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