Hi! I was just wondering, what difference does sectioning your hair make compared to not sectioning it? And do you have any pictures of sectioned and unsectioned hair?


So long as your sections have neat lines, perfect geometry doesn’t matter.

Here are the risks related to random sectioning. 

There is nothing detrimental to your hair health about having random sections. so long as the sections aren’t crossing and causing scalp pain, then you should be perfectly fine! Especially since you are rather confident about the extra work that may be required to maintain your locks, you definitely don’t have to restart or anything. I’m sure your hair is totally fine!

I should note, though, that these risks are related to “grab and go” sectioning. If you have sections that aren’t perfect square or triangle shapes, that’s okay. For instance, JR has some pentagonal sections near her hairline. So long as the shapes you made for sections are made from straight lines, more-or-less, then I’m sure you will be fine.

I started my locks with very, very perfect equilateral triangle sections, but they were too small. I combined two or three locks at a time, so my sections are random shapes. However, the boundaries of each section are straight lines, so I haven’t had any problems.

If you feel compelled to be precise about sectioning, you can edge yourself between two mirrors and work slowly. Here is a video of JR explaining how to section locks by yourself.

Unfortunately I don’t have any comparison photos for sectioned and unsectioned hair, but perhaps a follower would?

– KJ

Followers: Were your locks sectioned neatly, or were they made with random sectioning? Could you consider giving a photo link too, so we can see the differences?


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