i’ve had dreads since the end of 2012 and have had a dandruff problem for the past year. how often should i wash my hair?

also what kind of shampoo should i use for dandruff


You should wash your hair whenever it needs to be washed. For some people this may be every day, and for others it could be once or twice a month. There are a lot of individual factors that determine how often you should wash, so only you can answer your own question! Experiment and see what works best.

To rid of dandruff, you should use whatever shampoo works best. If you had a favorite shampoo from before your had locks, try that. 

If that doesn’t work, here is some advice for cutting down dry scalp, which from my observation, seems to be the #1 cause of dandruff. And here is what to do if you have flakes in your locks and want to get them out.

You can also put some peppermint oil in water, shake it up, and spray it on your locks. It will soothe your scalp if it is dry and itchy. You can also just dab the oil directly on your problem areas—although, doing this may make the scent quite strong!

If you don’t have any peppermint oil, even spraying your scalp with water will help soothe it.

For more information, check out our Washing Page and Dandruff tag.

Hope this helps! If your condition doesn’t improve over time, please consider visiting a dermatologist. We are not skin care specialists, so if at all possible, visit a licensed professional to help manage chronic scalp disorders.

– KJ


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