do you have any tips on that bad habit of playing with your hair. I’m trying to freeform for a while and I have a nice Congo at the very top of my head coming together but my messing with it is making it come loose

and with the congos I kinda want the look like cupidvalentino1 or hatsdontfit on YouTube had early on


If you already started traditional locs, it’s going to be difficult to get a look like those two YouTubers. But if you never twisted your hair, then you should be fine. If you have, you may want to take those locs down with a pick and start over with pure freeforming.

If you have already started with pure freeforming, then I apologize! There’s a somewhat variable meaning of the word “Freeforming” in the locs community, so I’m just trying to be thorough!

I think the best way to stop messing with your hair is to occupy your hands with something else. If your hands are busy, you won’t idly move your hands through your hair. Another idea is to wear a hat.

But ultimately, I think it will just take practice. Usually I recommend people with locs to style them up out of the way with flat twists or cornrows, because then they can’t be messed with. But freeform locs are different because they can’t be styled at short lengths, especially with the outcomes you desire. Just stay diligent, and perhaps as your friends to help keep you accountable.

– KJ

Followers: Any tips for keeping your hands out of freefom locs?


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