My dreads are flat as pancakes! HELP! 😭😭


You have a few options to fix flatness.

  1. Crochet hook the flat part away. Be careful because crochet hooking near the scalp can leave you with over-tightened roots, causing little bumps and redness, even pain and itching. Be careful! This is the fastest and most guaranteed way to correct the problem. 
  2. Wrap a thread around the root. Think of it as a form of corsetry for your locks. Just take a regular sewing or embroidery thread and wrap it around the root and the first 2 inches or so of your lock. Wrap it tightly, and leave it in for a week or two and be sure to wash your hair a few times while it’s in. The thread and the water will help to re-shape this area. 
  3. Wear a bead over the flat part for a week or two. It may improve. Do not leave beads on too long or they may warp the shape of your lock or become permanent. This is not expected to be highly effective.
  4. Leave it! Roots like to warp shapes, especially in easy stages of locking. You can just wait it out; the flat parts will likely round themselves out. (But there is no guarantee, either!)

– KJ


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