Hi! I just got my dreads done by a friend who has different taste in dread looks, she likes hers knotty and I like mine smooth and neat. I wanted mine thin and smooth, and I’m afraid i have 20 very knotty dreads on my head, its a mess and i really don’t want to have to take them out and redo them, I’m type 1 hair so I don’t know if they’ll thin out a lot? I know I can separate them but I’m concerned as to how thin they might be, I want them to be about a half an inch.


Dreads do not really thin out with age. They thicken. This is more or less true for all hair textures. 

If you don’t like the thickness of your locks now, you should remove them. I’ve seen the photo you submitted to us and I can guarantee you those won’t thin out. 
(For readers who need a reference:

They will not thin out. 
You need to remove them and redo them. You may be better off doing them yourself next time after you read up on our sectioning page and our starting methods page. 

Those won’t turn out how you want. I saw the photo before I saw your message and thought, “Dang those babies are going to be beastly when they mature!” 
Then I saw your message and was like 😦 

Now, as for getting them better next time, I have a fair bit of advice for you!

First off, none of the admins on this blog are on our first set of dreads. I had 3 sets, myself. It is a pain in the butt to remove all your locks and redo them, but it is a “worth-it” pain in the butt. 

You can either remove them all at once, or you can remove them one at a time and split them into 2-3 smaller dreads. With straight hair, you don’t want to have more than 70-ish dreads as they become difficult and unmanageable with maintenance on this hair texture, so shoot for a ballpark of 40-60ish. Number is not a hard guideline, but rather a rule of thumb that can guide you a bit. 

Regardless of the method you choose to use to remove/redo them, I strongly suggest you to watch my video on sectioning your locks yourself:

Clean, neat sectioning will help you achieve the tidy look you desire. It is important to use a bricklay pattern rather than a grid as well. The video explains it all.

I’m sorry your first set of dreads didn’t come out how you wanted them to. You can redo them- don’t fret! You can make them look much more like how you want to, and checking out all our resources in the sidebar will serve as a great teach-yourself guide!! You can do it and if you have any struggles, we’re here to help! 


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