Hello! I just wanted to thank you guys so much for this badass blog, it’s helped me get the exact dreadlocks I wanted and taught me how to care for my new babies. I just have one questions. I know dreads are supposed to look funky the first few months, but my roots looks really thin and weird. I have caucasian, straight hair naturally, and I just wondered if they will thicken up? I used twist and rip for my whole head. Thank you so much again.


It’s almost guaranteed that your locks will thicken up! It’s very common for people with straight and wavy hair to see their locks double in thickness over the course of a year. So don’t fret; your hair may seem thin now, but it should gain more volume as time goes on!

If you are still concerned, though, feel free to submit a photo to us, and we can take a better look at it!

Take care, 

Follower note: “Caucasian” is a word invented in the early 1800s used not only to describe whites, but also includes people from the Middle East, Africa, East- and South Asia. Contrary to popular belief, this definition that includes people of color is still in legal use and affects even the most current United States Census data. Caucasian is a nondescript word with roots in an attempt to institutionalize racial supremacy and says nothing about your hair, no matter what color you are.


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