i’ve had my dreads for about two months. most of the are backcombed, but i have about 10 that are twist and rip. those dreads have literally unraveled at the root so much, up to 3/4 of the dread on some of them. should i comb them out or just leave them be? also, my backcombed dreads have loose ends, the dread itself is kind of puffy and fat then it just suddenly becomes thin loose hair at the end.. would you recommend blunting or will it grow out to look more natural? thank you!


Seeing as they’ve unraveled- but only up to a certain point- you should take that as a good sign! With straight hair, this happens sometimes, especially with twist and rip method (but straight hair likes to slip out of knots a bit more than curlier hair textures). 
As long as you have at least 1cm of locked hair remaining, your locks are not a loss! 🙂 
They typically never unravel fully unless a completely inappropriate method was used (e.g. doing gel twists on straight hair). 

You’re only 2 months in, so that loose hair hasn’t even begun to try to lock itself! It definitely can!

If you want to re-dread the loose ends of your loose locks, do it. Having locked hair has a lot to do with aesthetics for many people, and if you’re unhappy with how they look, feel free to change them! 
They may lock up on their own if you allow them to form freely, but they may not. I had a friend who had about 6 inches of locked hair with 8 inches of loose hair on the ends and she didn’t mind. She liked it that way- so it depends on your preferences as a person. 

The fatter locks usually look nicer if you just blunt the tips, but again this is for aesthetics! 
Blunting your tips will definitely assist in keeping your locks from unraveling, but you may have to touch up your blunted tips 3-4 times in the first month or so of having them. 

I hope this is helpful to you!


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