Hey I haven’t seen any questions for it yet, but what are your thoughts on wrapping baby dreads? Like new ones and stuff?

Hello there. 

It hinders the locking process quite a lot and can cause their shape to completely warp as they mature. 
You should leave decorations in on young/immature locks for only a week or two at a time, moving them regularly. Otherwise, you run the risk of hindering their locking process or causing their shape to warp around a particular decoration. 

Lack of movement = lack of friction = lack of locking, so don’t wrap your young locks for long periods of time. If you do a full-coverage wrap rather than an X-pattern wrap, it can pretty much completely stop any maturing from happening. Just change their position often and remove them after a couple weeks (or move them to a new lock) and it shouldn’t make too much of a problem.


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