I know that shrinkage is totally normal, but mine’s been so bad that some of my dreads literally have a millimeter of hair left at the top. I brushed one out just now because it was just an annoying mat, and it completely broke off when I got to the top. I’m really scared now that my other ones may break off because they were very thick to begin with. If I crochet some loose hair back into the top of the thick part, would that help at all?

Hello there, 

I am not sure we understand your question. 

Do you mean that your roots have locked incredibly close to the scalp? This happened to me (unintentionally) and caused me pain and discomfort. 

I am unsure why your hair would break off. Has it been damaged by color/bleach or straightening/curling processes? 
If you brush out your locks roughly, you may break many hairs and thus have damaged or broken hairs. 

I wish we could offer you more advice- perhaps if you submitted a photo we could have a better idea of what is going on and you can write a better description in the submissions box. 
Thanks, and sorry we can’t be more helpful here. 



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