I can’t seem to get this crochet hooking right please help! I feel as if i will never get it!

Hello there! 

I felt like I was trying to paint the Mona Lisa with my buttcheeks when I started crochet hooking. My hands felt uncoordinated and clumsy. My hands were slow and ineffective. It was frustrating. 

However! I practiced and got better. 
Be sure you are using a proper sized crochet hook. Not all hooks are created equal. I use a clover brand 0.5mm hook (#14) that I purchased from amazon. In my personal experience, hooks that cost $1-2 are … ineffective. Hooks that cost $8-10 are not too spendy and well worth the investment. 

You can also check our maintenance page to see various methods and videos teaching you how to crochet hook. Sometimes comparing notes is very helpful! 
I hope this encourages you!

Remember that maintenance is optional and crochet hooking should be done at a maximum twice monthly. Done more often than that and it is not effective and you will damage your hair. Done with proper technique and done 1-2 times a month or less frequently, you will have minimal or no damage done for your hair. 

Have a nice day! 


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