Hello! I just had my dreadlocks done a few days ago, and I’m more than happy. But my friend did them for me, she did a fabulous job of twist and rip, but I found out she made slightly rectangular squares instead of symmetrical ones. Will that make my dreads flat or weird looking? I’ve palm rolled them everyday since I got them, to keep the shape and make them round and all that jazz.I We’re talking that the side difference is maximum 1 centimeter. Thank you for the awesome blog!

Hello there. 

From oblong sections, you may encounter some root splitting. However, as long as your locks look nice to you and you’re happy with them, you probably shouldn’t worry. 

If you find that some roots are indeed splitting later on, you can crochet hook them together, you can thread wrap them tightly for a week or two at a time, or you can brush the lock out up to the split and re-dread it down from there as two locks. 

It shouldn’t be a major problem unless you’ve got sections more than doubly long as they are wide or something.
And it’s such an easy fix! Split them in half so they’re less oblong, or wait it out. 

No stress! I hope this is helpful to you.


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