Learn what kind of locs are dread locs versus other kinds of locs. You have pictures of SisterLocs (which are completely different, look it up). If you’re going to pretend your an expert on locs, at least learn your stuff, whities.

Hello, this is a black administrator speaking.

We post images of locks of all heritages and starting methods, including traditional locs, interlocks, freeform locs, and Sisterlocks—which is spelled with a “k,” because it is a trademarked name and patented methodology.

Given our interest in providing readers the most thorough understanding of different locking methods, of course there are Sisterlocks on our page; all information provided on that page has been fact-checked and is without error. For more detailed information about Sisterlocks, please visit the brand’s official website.

There is a great division in the locking community, and many people don’t have a safe place to come together and learn about different locking methods for other hair types. This division and lack of communication creates considerable hostility and also creates a breeding ground for negative myths and misunderstandings. It is our aim to bridge these gaps and restore communication between different groups. This means we are also interested in providing a great breadth of information to improve each person’s knowledge about topics not necessarily familiar to them.

Additionally, we make the distinction between locs and non-locs (referred to some, such as yourself, as “dreads”) very clear on this site, and we absolutely refuse to conflate them, as many culturally ignorant sources do. Please peruse our informational pages, such as our comprehensive Glossary, and familiarize yourself with our standpoints before making false accusations.

If you have any further misunderstanding of our background or mission, please feel free to drop us a line off Anonymous. In the future, please familiarize yourself with our Askbox Guidelines, which include conduct restrictions for both race politics-related questions and negative feedback.

Thank you for the input and have a lovely day,

Follower note: Please do not respond inappropriately to this blatant harassment; it does not target you, and in the interest of keeping our community cooperative and civil, please refrain from reciprocating the ad hominem attack. Thank you for all your continued care and support.


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